Best Man and Maid of Honour

Today we are going to talk about your best man and Maid or matron of honour.

The difference between a Maid of Honour and a Matron of Honour, is simply that a Maid of Honour is not married and a Matron of Honour is.

A Best Man is a Best Man, whether they are married or not.

These are the key people in your wedding. It’s you saying to the world, that out of everyone you know, this is the person you want to stand next to you to support you through your big day.

This is the person you trust and that you know will be there for you. It needs to be someone who will step up and take responsibility and who will assist you in the preparation as well as on the wedding day.

It’s quite normal these days to have a best woman, because many men have women as best friends. If you prefer to have a best woman, by all means feel free to do it. There are no rules.

The same goes for the bride. The only difference is if you have a male stand next to you, they’re not going to be your Maid or Matron of Honour, so come up with a name for them.

You can have a male standing next to you if you are a bride, they could be called your mate of honour and you can have a female standing next to you if you are a groom. Maybe call them a best woman?

Be selective and choose the right person. Someone you can trust and rely on and someone you will still be great friends with after the wedding. You would be surprised how many friendships fall out after a wedding day.

If you can’t decide who should hold those roles on your wedding day, don’t have any! Just have bridesmaids and groomsmen.

The best thing to remember is there are NO rules when it comes to your wedding. Write your own script.

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