Beverages and Packages

Today we are going to talk about drinks.

When it comes to drinks at your wedding, are you supplying the drinks in bulk, is it BYO, a drinks package or is it a dry wedding?

Many couples and cultures choose to have an alcohol-free wedding which certainly saves a lot of money and will ensure your reception is more subdued.

If you have booked a venue that only has drinks packages available, make sure you select the beers you like plus champagne, bubbly Moscato sweet and dry, sweet and dry white wine, red wine and a mix of soft drinks.

You may be able to supply spirits in large bottles or premixed to be served from behind the bar.

A drinks package will cost you a bit more, but it is a sure way of not running out as packages are usually an unlimited supply for a certain number of hours.

It also saves you the hassle of dealing with the drinks.

If you are supplying the drinks in bulk to be served behind the bar, you need to be sure to over purchase so you don’t run out.

Most places will buy back excess stock, or you may decide to just keep it and use it up over time.

It’s a cheaper option than a drinks package, but more time consuming for you.

If you are asking your guests to BYO drinks, be sure you discuss this with the venue. Some venues will allow guests to supply their own drinks in eskies/coolers whereas other venues will ask your guests to hand it over to the bar to be served back to them throughout the night.

There is nothing wrong with asking guests to bring their own drinks if you are on a tight budget. Just make a note on the invitation that instead of buying you a gift, to just please BYO drinks.

Venues practice Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and will refuse alcohol to anyone who is over intoxicated.

Nothing ruins a wedding more than drunken fools getting angry and starting fights or stumbling around and ending up on the ground.

And yes it happens way too often!

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