Bouquet toss and Garter throw

Some couples have a garter throw and a bouquet toss, some have one or the other and some choose not to do this at all.

Bouquet: So what if you have hardly any single girls there? Just get all the girls to get up and have some fun.

If you want all your girls to have a flower, have a loose bunch of flowers and don’t tie them up. When you throw them they will spread out and shower the girls with individual flowers so they all get one.

Or be traditional and just throw either your bouquet, one of your maids bouquets or have a throw away bouquet made up.

Appoint your person to play the song. Have someone organising the bride to stand in a position to throw the bouquet.

Ask your photographer or videographer if they have a preference to get the best shots.

Get your girls to stand at least 6 metres or more away.

Do a count down to be sure everyone is ready and be sure the song is played during the countdown.

Another great bouquet idea is to have long pieces of ribbon around 3 metres long each.

You’ll need as many pieces of ribbon as there are girls involved.

The bride sits on a chair in the middle and holds the ends of them above her head and the other end is given to each girl.

They stand in a circle around her.

The bride in the other hand holds a pair of scissors and the girls start walking around in a circle a bit like walking around a may pole.

The bride without looking up just keeps randomly cutting bits of ribbon above her head until the last ribbon is left and they win the bouquet.

Get fun and creative, but be organised to pull it off.

Garter: If your garter is uncomfortable and keeps slipping down your leg, don’t wear it during the day and just put it on before you do the toss.

Firstly, set a chair up in position for the bride to sit facing everyone.

Set the boys up at least 5 to 8 metres away.

I always love to get the groom to be at least 10 metres away and ask him to use his best dance moves up to the bride. It makes for great photos and video and creates such a buzz in the crowd.

Be sure to tell the groom what to do as how on earth is he supposed to know?

Tell him to get on the ground and get under the dress and take the garter off with his teeth. He can use his hands to assist while under there.

When he comes up with it, he needs to NOT throw it until the MC or someone sets it up to be sure the boys are ready and he is counted down to throwing it.

He can face the boys or do it backwards, make sure the song is played just before throwing it and during the throw.

Once it is caught, make sure the groom and that guest have a photo.

I love them to put the garter on their head like a head band for the photo. Or they can put it on their sleeve like and arm band.

You can do some really funny things like set up to pull a toy chicken out from under the brides dress or a baby doll.

I’ve had some hilarious grooms pull out a selection of objects and it’s very funny indeed.

You just need to sneak it under the dress.

You can put the garter on a toy football or soccer ball and throw it that way.

If you don’t want to get under the dress and you feel as though you may give nan and pop a heart attack if it is too risqué…..just remove the garter elegantly.

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