Breasts on your Wedding Day

Today we are going to talk about Breasts. Yes Breasts!

Also known as boobs, jugs, hooters, cans, puppies, air bags, fun bags, knockers, bongos, bumpers, chi chis, the twins, honkers, golden globes, melons and party pillows – and yes I did google that!

Whatever you call them – is your wedding day the day to have them out on show?

I’ve seen the uncomfortable look on guests’ faces when the bride approaches them with her boobs spilling over the top of her dress – they just don’t know where to look!

So if you have big breasts, you need a supportive bra as saggy boobs just destroy the overall look.

If you have really large breasts it’s not a good idea to wear a strapless dress as the boning in the dress can’t support that much weight across a very long day.

Years ago I was shooting a wedding and the bride had very large boobs. When she put on her strapless dress it looked great but by the time we got to the church, the boning had collapsed. It was a long church service with a full mass. The whole way through the ceremony the bride was nervously pulling her dress up and she looked so uncomfortable.

By the time we got to the reception, I grabbed the maids flowers and removed the satin ribbon around the stems. I got my needle and thread out of my survival kit and I sewed the ribbon onto the dress as straps and crossed the ribbon over at the back. It pulled her dress up so it fitted beautifully and everybody thought she had put a second dress on.

If she hadn’t had me there to find a solution to the problem I don’t know what she would have done.

If you have small breasts, pad them up with some fake padding and give yourself a great boosted cleavage. Make sure ‘the girls’ look fabulous in the perfect bra no matter what size they are.

Never wear a new bra for the first time on the wedding day. They will rub and irritate your skin and be very uncomfortable. Wash your bra a few times in fabric softener and wear it a few times before the big day. That way it also won’t leave red marks on your skin.

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♡ ​Sue

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