Bridesmaid Dresses…the good, the bad and the ugly!

Today we are going to talk about bridesmaids dresses.

This may be your most difficult challenge through the preparation of your wedding, because girls all have their own individual style and sense of fashion.

If you have 2 bridesmaids or 10, getting them all to agree on a matching style and colour will be enough to make you wish you eloped!

Your bridesmaids will come in all different shapes and sizes. If you can find a dress that suits them all and are matching in colour and style, you are very lucky indeed. If you don’t, there’s nothing wrong with going for something a little different.

I shot a wedding where the girls simply could not agree on the same dress so they all had neutral coloured dresses, but one dress was taupe, one was tan, another was salmon and one was a dusty pink. Some were above the knees, some fell to the ground, some were strapless, some had one strap or two, but the overall effect was fantastic.

Whether you pay for them or they buy their own, just ensure everyone is happy as unhappy bridesmaids with sour faces on the wedding day is not fun and your friendship will suffer.

At a recent wedding, the maids only got their dresses a week before the wedding and when they dressed on the wedding day, the dresses all gaped at the front and their bras where all showing. I had to grab a needle and thread and hitch up shoulders and stitch across the fronts. This took about an hour, so because I had them all ready one hour before the ceremony, there was no stress. But this should never have happened.

I’ve seen so many bridesmaids not even try their dresses on with their underwear before the wedding day – which is crazy! It is vital that your maids try their dresses on a week or two before the wedding. They need to choose the correct shape and colour underwear and make sure it fits properly and doesn’t show. At least then you have a bit of time to get the dress altered.

It’s quite common that a sheer dress may need to be stitched to the bra with a needle and thread to stop it from showing on the wedding day.

On the day, the maids should be in their dresses and totally ready at least one and a half hours before the bride so there is time to fix any wardrobe malfunctions and then focus their attention on getting the bride ready.

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