Casual Cocktail Receptions

A cocktail reception is always going to be a lot more casual and relaxed. Guests will float about because no one has a designated seat to return to. It’s more casual and works very well if you want a non-formal wedding reception.

With finger foods make sure they are ‘finger’ foods. Many times, finger foods are too big and too awkward to hold with one hand. You can’t have a glass in one hand and have a bite to eat with the other hand, when you need two hands to eat an oversized canapé.

Instead of a traditional main meal why not add something a little bit different. How about a Mexican bar, pasta bar or baked potato bar or all 3! Gourmet pizzas are always a hit and consider hot soup and crusty bread rolls on a wintery day.

You can also save a little bit extra by skipping the dessert and just having the wedding cake served on platters, or choose a fun dessert bar or donut wall. The possibilities really are endless.

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