Curvy Brides

Today we are going to talk about bridal dresses for curvy brides.

It’s important to understand – that if there are parts of your body that you’re not fond of, that you need to cover them up or minimize them.

Then there’s going to be other parts of your body that you like, and you want to enhance. Curvy brides should generally avoid strapless dresses, because the excess fat on the body can spill over and make you look bigger than you actually are.

You’ll need to have some good underwear that holds you in really tight. Forget the sexy underwear, you want everything to be sucked in. It’ll pull you in and smooth you out.

If you have your heart set on a strapless dress, make sure you have a little jacket that sits across your shoulders and covers the fleshy bits at the top of your arms.

Even on a thin bride the arms can tend to look larger than they are in photographs and video. If you already have large arms, it’s going to be enhanced.

Cover up and hold in firmly the bits that you don’t like – and show off the bits you do.

If you’ve got a great cleavage and want to show it – then by all means do – but just a little.

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