Hair on your Wedding Day

Today we are going to talk about hair.

I spent over 20 years of my life as a hairdresser, so I know that not all hairdressers are experienced enough to deal with bridal hair. It is essential that you find a hair stylist who does specialise in this field because your hair has to look as good at the end of the day as it did at the beginning of the day.

If you are very particular with an exact look, have a trial before the wedding day. If you are a little more relaxed, it may not be necessary.

If you want to look natural and you are having a beach wedding, your hair will be loose and flowing in the breeze, which means that your hair is going to be all over your face.

It will stick to your lipstick and it will get in your eyes. If you want to be a beautiful, natural bride you still need to use a lot of hairspray.

If you want to have a soft curl, make sure the curls are tighter when it’s done – because you may have a couple of hours until the wedding – and it will drop.

Your hair needs to be pinned firmly into place if you’re wearing it up, but not so tightly that it gives you a headache.

If your hair is down, make sure that there is a lot of styling product and hair spray.

You can buy small curling tongs and hair straighteners, even cordless ones to take with you on the wedding day so if the curl drops, you can do a touch up.

Don’t attempt to do your own hair if you can avoid it. Have a professional look after you. If you have a trial, it is essential that photos are taken of the hair from the front, side, back and the top so on the wedding day you have a photo reference to give you peace of mind it will look the same.

As for having your hair coloured before your wedding, have it done at least one week before the wedding in case you have some colour stain on the skin. Colour stain on the skin will lift with shampoo once the natural oil from your scalp comes through.

Just before your wedding is NOT the time to have a total colour change – so stick with what you know suits you best.

You can also pin flowers or ornaments in your hair but keep in mind if you are wearing a veil, there could be a bit too much going on. Sometimes it’s nice to remove the veil at the reception and to place a fake flower or ornament in the hair. Once you take the veil off, quite often the hair may be a little too simple for the style of the dress and may need that little extra pizazz.

If you are going to wear a tiara, ensure it is fastened firmly and that it is sitting straight. The same applies with a veil. It must be fastened firmly especially if it is a windy day. You may choose to take the veil off after the ceremony or shoot. I recommend you keep it on during the photo shoot as it adds a beautiful touch to the photos.

So, take this all into consideration. Look through bridal magazines and collect photos of any styles that you love – but be realistic! If you have really thin hair, there is no point picking a photo of a model with very thick hair. You have to use some common sense.

When I was a hairdresser and I had a client show me the most unrealistic photo… I would say, Madame, this is a comb – not a magic wand.

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♡ ​Sue

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