Having a Beach Wedding? Then you need to read this!

Today we are going to talk about beach weddings.

A beach wedding sounds so amazing and yes it certainly can be, but there are many things to consider. You most likely will need to obtain a permit to get married on a beach with the local council.

If it’s a windy day the sand can whip off the beach and sting your eyes.

If it is a really gusty day, you will need to have a plan B in place.

Maybe there is a grassy area near the beach that can give you some shelter? You won’t be able to pull this together in 5 minutes. You need to have this plan B in place well before the wedding day and a team of people to make the quick change of location happen.

You may need to hire chairs and possibly an arbour to hold the ceremony under, which can provide some shade and a nice backdrop.

Consider a carpet aisle runner, as it can be awkward walking through sand. If you are keen on those stiletto heels, forget about them on the beach, it isn’t going to happen. You’ll need your most manicured sexy feet as they will be on show or some gorgeous flats. Keep your stilettos for the reception.

If you must have your fur babies with you during the ceremony, you need to be sure you get permission from the council and that it is a dog friendly beach.

Flies may drive you crazy, so odourless insect repellent is essential. Buy a few bottles and hand them around for your guest’s comfort and ensure you spray it all over the clothes and hair of the bridal party.

If you love ice cream and there is an ice cream truck you can hire in the area, how much fun would that be for your guests! It doesn’t cost that much and would be such a cool treat for everyone after the ceremony.

If you don’t have a wedding co-ordinator, you’ll need a captain to steer the ship and they will need to be at the ceremony site a couple of hours earlier to get things organised. If you don’t have anyone in your life that is suitable, get yourself one. This may blow your budget out but they are worth every cent.

I shot a beach wedding once where there were a group of kids who kept running behind the bride and groom to get in all the photos. I had to get cranky and tell them to stop it! Luckily they did or it would have ruined all their photos.

Then there was the time with the 2 topless sun baking girls who set up their towels just metres from the wedding. I thought grandpa was going to have a heart attack! So remember the beach is for everyone – not just you – so you can’t always control what people will do around you.

Don’t be too fixated on the beach. Often a lake, river or water inlet can be just as beautiful as a backdrop without all the sand and other issues that the beach poses.

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I can’t wait to hear from you.

♡ ​Sue

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