Having Kids at your Wedding

Today we are going to talk about children at weddings.

Whether to invite children to your wedding or not is an important decision and one most couple’s take too lightly.

There are two types of vibes at weddings. One with children and one without.

Children at weddings really create a family orientated vibe and if that’s what you want, it’s perfect, especially if ‘you’ have already have children.

Having no children at your wedding creates more of a grown-up vibe and alters the feel of the event. Don’t you think it would be nice for your friends to get a night off from the kids and enjoy themselves?

You may love seeing the kids at your wedding, but you’ll only spend a minute or two with them and it might be nice to give your friends a night out together and let them get a babysitter.

If you have friends who won’t come because they can’t bring their children, well too bad! It’s your day and don’t be emotionally black mailed by anyone.

A compromise is to have children at the ceremony but not the reception.

If there are children at your wedding, don’t allow them to run amok during the ceremony and during speeches.

Politely mention in the invitation to all parents bringing children along that you would like them to ensure the children are kept under control during special moments – and as parents – they should respect your request.

Too many times I’ve seen children take over to the point where I want to grab them and tell them to sit down and be quiet while adults are talking! It’s just basic manners.

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