Having your Wedding on a Hot day

Today we are going to talk about a hot wedding day.

There are a lot of days in the year that are ‘very’ hot and even if they are just moderately warm, you’ll still feel hot on your wedding day because you are likely to have layers of clothing on, especially the guys in their suits.

If you are wearing a suit or even just a shirt, have someone take a spare shirt for you and leave it at the reception venue. After you’ve been through the wedding ceremony and the official photos and when you’re feeling hot and sweaty, you can change into a fresh shirt at the reception and you’ll feel fantastic for the night.

I highly recommend that grooms do this, so they aren’t going through the reception in a sweat soaked shirt that’s a bit on the nose.

Girls, you get off a little bit easier on a wedding day with what you wear – but you’re still going to be hot.

Buy some hand fans, or you can get battery operated ones to cool you down, particularly during the ceremony.

If it’s in a church and it’s going to be a long service, there is little to no air conditioning in churches so you can hand them out to the bridesmaids, your mums, your aunties and people who are really feeling the heat.

You can use parasols, which you can buy online inexpensively. You may choose to order a dozen beautiful white parasols – a colour to match your bridal party – or mix it up with different colours. It looks great for the photos and it will keep the sun from burning you.

You need to have water on you at all times and one of the best items for guys to carry on a wedding day is wet wipes, especially for the church. It’s cooling, refreshing and moisturising on their skin too.

So, don’t forget your wet wipes, water, fans, and maybe parasols and you’ll survive a very hot wedding day.

You can hand out packs of wet wipes to the guests and they will love it! The women will put it on their necks, wrists, hands and arms and the guys will wipe their faces and necks.

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♡ ​Sue

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