How to Choose Your Wedding Dress

Today we are going to talk about choosing your wedding dress.

When it comes to choosing your wedding dress, you need to take someone along with you who is going to give you an honest and true opinion of what the dress looks like.

You don’t need a bunch of friends telling you how good you look in something, if in fact you don’t. Take one friend with you who you trust and who will be very honest with you.

What most brides do when they try on a dress is stand in front of the mirror, pulling back their shoulders and holding in their tummy with perfect posture.

The dress will always look perfect with great posture! But do you stand like that all the time? You won’t be sucking your tummy in and pulling your shoulders back all day long on your wedding day.

You really need to stand as you normally would stand – when you look at yourself in front of the mirror.

If you pull your shoulders back really tight and suck your tummy in, you won’t notice any bits of fat folding across the top of the dress. When you stand normally – you will.

You need to sit down and move around in the dress, because if you’re trying on a dress that looks fantastic, but you can’t move or sit in it and it’s very uncomfortable, it may not be the best choice for your wedding day.

It’s very hard to pull off a strapless dress unless you have practically no body fat whatsoever, so be very careful if you are choosing to go strapless.

I’ve rarely known a bride who wasn’t disappointed when they saw back fat while wearing a strapless dress.

If you have very sensitive skin, beware of lace and beading sitting against your skin as it will turn it red and look like a rash.

If you are wearing a strapless dress, make sure you don’t have any tan lines. It ruins the look also with thin straps.

It’s very important to remove bra straps from your shoulders a few hours before you put your dress on. Bra straps tend to leave a dent and mark on your shoulders for a few hours after wearing them.

Make sure your small purse matches your look and style perfectly that holds your basic essentials like lippy, tissues, your phone, bobby pins, perfume and other bits.

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