Mature Brides on their Wedding day

Today we are going to talk about mature brides.

So, what is a mature bride? Remember the old saying “Mutton dressed up as lamb”? It’s a bit harsh but it makes a point.

Its always more flattering to accept your age and to dress accordingly. No matter what your age, you will be a beautiful bride.

Use your common sense and dress age appropriately. By no means does this suggest that because you are a mature bride you can’t wear what younger brides are wearing, you just need to interpret the look to suit your age.

Mature brides are more likely to have lined skin and saggy arms (otherwise known as tuck shop lady arms), which are best covered with a sheer sleeve or wrap, especially if your skin is sun damaged.

If your breasts are heading down south, wear a great push up bra and show just ‘enough’ cleavage.

Makeup must be done very well, as if it’s too heavy it will go into the creases of the skin and can accentuate lines, so use an experienced makeup artist and always have a makeup and hair trial.

Have some or all of your hair up, as long hair which is worn down can sometimes drag your face down and you want your hair to lift your facial features.

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