Music and Entertainment at your Wedding

Today we are going to talk about music and entertainment.

The music will set the tone and feel of your unique day.

Statistics show that the things that people remember the most from a wedding is the music and the food.

Let’s talk about the ceremony first. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, don’t just pick up a portable CD player and blast the music loud from one area so that it annoys everyone close by – but the people up the back can’t hear.

It’s not expensive to buy a small battery powered speaker to have music played properly. It is essential that it is battery powered as if you are outdoors you may not be near power and cords get in the way.

Your celebrant will have their own microphone and speaker but be sure it is a wireless microphone – not one with a cord as it looks awful in photos. Also be sure they have a windsock on the mic if it’s a windy day.

You will plug your smart phone or iPod or similar device into the speaker to play music. Be sure that the songs have downloaded on your device properly in case you don’t have any Wi-Fi where you are.

Also be sure you have a spare lead in case the lead decides to not work on the day. You can also use blue tooth from the device to the speaker. And please make sure your speaker is fully charged!

Always have all the songs backed up on a second device just in case.

So, what exactly do you need songs for?

  1. bride walk down aisle song
  2. signing the register song (usually needs two songs)
  3. walking back down the aisle song after being married.

You can also have a separate song for the bridesmaids if you like, that’s up to you. Make sure you choose somebody who is confident with technology and won’t panic if the song decides to not play right at that crucial moment.

When I coordinate weddings, I always have a spare speaker and spare leads sitting there waiting in case of a technical failure. If you are using a smart phone, make sure you put it on aeroplane mode, or your phone may ring or ding while the songs are playing.

Just be prepared for things that may go wrong. Technology can be a bit like a light bulb blowing. You get no warning when it’s going to fail.

If you’re in a church, it’s the same situation. A little CD player in a church doesn’t do justice to the beautiful acoustics of the space, so once again, purchase or hire a suitable sized speaker. One is usually enough.

When it comes to your pre-dinner drinks and your reception, you’ve got a choice between live music, a DJ or music played through an iPod or similar device played through the inhouse system at the reception venue.

You’ll also need an entrance song for entering your reception. You can have one for the bridal party and one for bride and groom or the same song for all of you.

You’ll need a cake cutting song, first dance and father daughter dance, bouquet and garter songs too.

Select the last 3 songs of the evening and choose your last song wisely as that’s the song that ends the best day of your life and it will leave an impact.

Remember that if you’ve got live music, unlike a DJ who just has a volume knob that can easily be turned down, live music doesn’t always work like that.

Their levels are usually set, and there’s only so low an instrument can be played. Live music is always going to be louder unless your musicians are acoustic.

Weddings aren’t the place for friends and family members to practise their DJ skills. Book a professional DJ to be sure your music is right on time and correct.

Music has the ability to make or break an event and timing is everything. If you just want to play songs on a smart phone or similar device that’s fine as long as you appoint that tech savvy friend to be sure to play your key songs at the right moment and at the right level.

There’s nothing worse than standing in the middle of the dance floor ready to do your first dance – when the correct song can’t be played because your friends can’t find the right one or realised, they didn’t download it properly.

I’ve done many weddings where live bands have been so loud that I’ve seen guests walk outside just to talk to each other and even leave early, so it’s important to communicate with your band.

Experienced wedding bands and musicians understand the importance of the correct volume for certain parts of the day and night.

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♡ ​Sue

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