My Favourite Flowers

Every brides flowers are so beautiful and perfectly suited to their style and personalities. But this is about my fav flowers so I have to say the hippy in me just loves white daisies and wild flowers. I love the vibe that feels like you have walked through the forest and hand picked wild flowers and bunched them together with a very natural form.

One of my favourite daisies are easter daisies. They are the tiny little daisies with the yellow centres, but I love large white daisies as well. There’s something about white flowers that to me feels so pure and natural and there is no competing against colour.

I also adore tulips and daffodils. Yellow flowers at weddings feels so romantic and summery.

I love the idea of a wrist bouquet instead of holding flowers. Maybe it’s the practicality of not putting your flowers down all the time and misplacing them that is appealing. I also love the way the wrist bouquet adorns the wrist and arm beautifully rather than jewellery.

When it comes to mens buttonholes, I’m not a fan of a very large buttonhole as it takes over the look of the suit, and I find buttonhole flowers often difficult to pin in place perfectly. I played around and came up with the idea of a pocket flower and I just am obsessed with them! They can be as large or small as you like and in any flower combination. They simply sit in the pocket on the suit jacket. I feel it is a better balance on the suit as it allows space between the tie so that the accents aren’t too crowded.

I think it’s the photographer in me that is very much about ’spacial relations’. This is the name I gave for allowing ‘space’ around objects so that they find their own place, rather than crowd together.

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♡ ​Sue

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