Skin on Your Wedding Day

Today we are going to talk about bare exposed skin on the bride.

Unless you are very toned on the arms, chest and back, if you’re wearing a wedding dress that is strapless, or just has thin sleeves that expose a lot of skin, you really want to have a look at what your skin looks like when you see it in photos.

Most women tend to have a bit of cellulite around the backs of their arms – and on a wedding day it becomes really obvious.

My best advice is to get a friend to take some quick snaps of you on different angles wearing something strapless or with shoestring straps and have a look at what your skin looks like.

Many women also have little red lumps around the arms, and they look blotchy.

If you do have that rough skin – a few weeks before the wedding really start to loofah your skin thoroughly in the shower every day.

Apply moisturiser and buff the skin up to have it looking as good as you possibly can.

If you can see cellulite and blotchy patches, opt for a dress with some sheer sleeves.

It can be lace or something sheer to lightly cover the arms and across the top of the back and the chest.

I’ve heard too many brides who have been disappointed after their wedding day, realising that maybe they should not have worn a strapless dress – because they’re a little heavy for it, and there’s back fat and cellulite visible.

My wedding planning book is all about brides having no regrets and being aware of the things to look out for before the big day, so you can make appropriate changes before it’s too late.

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♡ ​Sue

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