Styling your Wedding Day

Today we are going to talk about styling and themes at your wedding.

You’ll need to consider the theme and styling of your ceremony and this will need to tie in to match your reception.

I could write a whole book just on styling, so I’m going to keep this pretty broad and generic, but I have quite a bit of info here I need to share with you.

Are you going to do this yourself or will you book the services of a stylist?

For some, this will come down to budget – and if your budget is tight, you’ll need to get crafty and have a bunch of helpers to help set it all up on the day.

And don’t forget it has to be packed down at the end of the wedding.

DIY styling is time consuming so be sure you allow plenty of time for this.

Some people have a natural talent for styling and decorating and others should simply leave it to the professionals.

If you use fresh flowers it will bump up your budget. Silk flowers are a great alternative but be choosy as some look really fake and some look like the real thing.

If your heart is set on fresh flowers, visit the flower markets and buy flowers which are in season and are on the cheaper end of the scale.

Firstly, you need to choose your theme. Rustic, vintage, boho, country, classic, fairytale, gothic, winter wonderland, romantic, beach or bohemian – just to name a few.

Be clear about your theme and try not to have a bit of this and a bit of that – as it won’t make sense.

Secondly choose your colour palette. Get online and google and get inspiration and save photos for reference.

Next you need to work out your budget. I think your budget is determined by just how passionate you are about achieving the exact look you are after.

Sometimes it can be cheaper to book a stylist who has all of their own items, so you don’t have to purchase anything. They will set it up and pack it down after for you.

By the time you buy everything yourself and drive around picking things up, it can end up costing just as much as booking a professional.

Maybe the styling isn’t important to you and you may be happy just with a few flowers on tables?

Cheaper options are wood stumps and clear glass tea light candle holders.

Lots of candles always look great whether it’s at the ceremony or the reception.

Be sure to buy deep glass tea light holders so that the candles don’t blow out or get tipped over as the hot wax makes a mess.

You can also use battery operated candles if that suits you more than real flame.

Using long taper candles is not usually very successful as they blow out and the hot wax drips everywhere. You can however buy dripless taper candles if you want that effect on candelabras.

When it comes to the reception styling, do you need tablecloths or are the tables attractive without them? Tablecloths aren’t cheap to hire and look awful when food and drink get spilled on them.

Make a decision if your styling is going to be low key & understated – or ‘out there’ and over the top.

Be clear with your vision so that you aren’t disappointed with the end result.

If you are really strapped for budget, just buy some small vases from discount shops or online and add a bunch of babies’ breath in each along with a few candles. Pretty and simple and cheap.

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♡ ​Sue

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