Thinner Brides

Today we are going to talk about brides dresses for thinner brides.

Thin brides are the luckiest because they have more dress choices than curvy brides. Just about every dress you put on will look good on you, so it’s really going to be a matter of what your personal choice is and how you want to look on your wedding day.

Would you like a sleek, slim and sexy dress or maybe a princess style full gown? Strapless, with straps or with sleeves, you’re in a fortunate situation where you can just about have whatever your heart desires.

If you don’t have much bust, it’s a good idea to fill the inside of the bra using appropriate padding. Something to give you a little bit more fill at the top of the dress that will push up the bust you have and make you look even more terrific.

Sometimes brides can be so thin that they actually look too thin on their wedding day with their arms and chest looking bony. If you’re super thin, invest in a small jacket to cover the arms, or drape a shawl around your shoulders so you have something covering the bony areas. Sheer lace sleeves are a great option.

If you are a very fit and muscly bride, that too can look too masculine, so beware of too much muscle!

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