Wedding Day Hands and Feet

Today we are going to talk about your hands and feet.

I cannot stress how important it is for the bride to have well manicured hands and feet. During the ceremony, a lot of emphasis is placed on the hands when it comes to your photography – with the placing of the rings, holding hands and signing of the register.

Grooms, if you aren’t into having a manicure, just be sure to scrub the grease from under your nails and give your nails a quick file.

Girls, you don’t have to have long nails. They can be short as long as they are neat and well manicured. Whether you choose a bold colour, a French polish or natural buff it’s up to you. Moisturised hands are absolutely essential.

Now you may not think anyone is going to see your feet on your wedding day but, if you’re one of those brides who will kick off their shoes at the reception and put on a pair of thongs (flip flops) or flat shoes, people will notice your feet.

Have a professional pedicure or do one yourself. Make sure the feet look neat, tidy and well groomed with toenails buffed and maybe even French polished.

Guys, it’s kind of nice to have a pedicure, particularly if you’re at the beach having some photos taken in bare feet. Your photographer may suggest kicking off your shoes, so you just don’t know if you’re going to get caught out on your wedding day.

Ensure every part of your body is in great order, looks neat and tidy and then you won’t get caught out. If you don’t want to go get a pedicure, maybe you can get your partner to give you one.

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♡ ​Sue

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