Wedding Day Makeup

Today we are going to talk about makeup.

Avoid shine and shimmer on your face on your wedding day. That dewy, shimmery, shiny, natural fresh-faced look, when it comes to your wedding photography- simply makes you look like you have oily skin and gets worse when a flash is used.

You need a flat, matt surface across the makeup. If you look at magazines, whether it’s models in fashion magazines or bridal magazines, you’ll notice their faces are matt and flat with no reflection and it just looks beautiful.

A good flat powder is essential to apply over the top of your makeup and throughout the day.

If you really want to have a bit of shimmer and shine, make sure it’s very subtleand in just a few places. Same with on the cheekbones, arms and across the top of the body. You are better off to powder yourself down across your chest with a matt finish.

A good photographer will have tissues and flat powder with them to assist you with this throughout the day.

Pat down any oiliness or perspiration with a tissue or oil blotting patches and brush over a light layer of a neutral, natural powder that absorbs the oil and shine and keeps your makeup looking fresh. Apply a little lip gloss throughout the day and that’s all that is needed.

Whether you have a makeup stylist that specialises in airbrushing techniques or standard techniques, it’s important to see their portfolio of work and to have a trial run.

Try to find the money, even with the tightest budget, to have your makeup done professionally. If you’re like me and don’t like wearing much makeup, that is all going out the door on your wedding day because to have a wedding dress on without sufficient makeup just doesn’t work.

If you tend to go red on your neck and face especially when nervous, make sure you have a greening product on the skin. On the colour wheel, red sits opposite green, which means when mixed together they neutralize each other creating a neutral tone.

In a nutshell, when you start going red, the green will counteract it and you won’t look red -and don’t worry it won’t make you look green!

I cannot stress enough how fantastic false eyelashes will look on your wedding day. Whether you have full lashes or just a few fine ones placed along the lash line or in the corner of the eye, it’s a must!

Have any hair removed from your top lip, chin, side of face and eyebrows if it is at all obvious. The heavier makeup used on a wedding day will really emphasize any facial hair even if it’s fine and blonde.

Have it removed at least a week before the big day in case you develop a rash from waxing or other hair removal treatments.

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♡ ​Sue

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