Wedding Day Shoes

So many brides dream of their wedding day shoes before they even dream of their dress!

But remember those amazing blinged up towering stilettos will be really tough on your feet the first time you wear them, so your wedding day is not the day to wear them in!

Imagine how cranky you will feel with blisters on your feet and aching legs and back. Always wear your shoes for at least 15 minutes a day for a few weeks before your wedding day. Just walk around the house with them on, as silly as it may sound, it will also get you used to walking in them and not looking like Bambi on ice.

If after a few times of wearing them they are still killing your feet, you need to add some good cushioned pads to the areas causing your pain.

If you simply cannot get any joy wearing them, buy another pair. Honestly, nobody sees what’s going on under your dress anyway if it is floor length and comfort is key.

Or ride them out just till the reception and then dance the night away in your comfy flat shoes.

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