Wedding Day Transport

Today we are going to talk about wedding cars and transport.

There is no protocol when it comes to hiring wedding cars. If you don’t care if your guests see you in the car or not, but you want to travel in style, then do it.

If your heart desires a convertible, remember that your hair will get messed up and if it’s a hot day you may get sunburned. If it rains, well…. there’s no convertible because the roof has to be closed.

Maybe you like a vintage style car. Something vintage and nostalgic looks great, but with vintage and nostalgic comes a bit of a trade-off.

Generally, there is no air conditioning in these cars due to their age. You may be extremely hot if it’s a hot day.

Many companies now have vintage cars fitted with modern reliable engines and they have air conditioning, so do your homework and select the right company to suit your needs.

A limousine is a fantastic way to travel as you can fit a dozen or more people in it so it can be more cost effective. It’s also great fun because you get to keep everyone together in the same space.

Or maybe go one step further than the limousine and book a fabulous Hummer or stretch Hummer.

They have strobe lights and a bar, which creates a fun, party atmosphere for your bridal party.

Mini limousines are a great way for the flower girl and pageboy to make a grand entrance.

What about a horse and carriage? A horse and carriage is a slower mode of transport, but if this is your preferred mode of transport for your ‘Cinderella’ wedding entrance, you need to allow more time for transit and if it rains there is no protection unless you hire one that is fully enclosed.

Kombi wedding cars are fantastic and come in many styles and colours and there are now even kombi limos – which are a sight to see! It’s a more casual and fun way to get everyone to the church, but not the fastest mode of transport.

Anyway, who wants to rush to their wedding in their gorgeous car?

If you are on a tight budget and you’ve got some friends with nice cars that you can clean up and put a bit of ribbon on, then go for it. Your mode of transportation should suit your style and your budget.

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