Wedding Invitations

Today we are going to talk about invitations.

When it comes to putting the information on your wedding invitations, bear in mind that we tend to live in a society where people don’t place much value on being punctual.

Many of your guests will arrive after the ceremony has begun and while you’re trying to walk down the aisle or get into the church.

When you put the time of your ceremony on your invitation, for example if it’s a 3pm ceremony, put on your invitation 2:30pm arrival for a 2:45pm start, to get your guests there on time.

It will really frustrate you on your wedding day when you see people arriving halfway through the ceremony and when it’s finished.

If you are planning on having a group photo of everyone after the ceremony, you must put on the invitation to not leave straight after the ceremony, as you would like to have everyone in the group photo.

Family member invitations should have a note asking them to stay around after the ceremony for family photos. My experience is that at least one family member always seems to dash straight off after the ceremony and isn’t there for family photos – and that really upsets and annoys the couple and ruins the family photos.

You need to consider all ages of guests when deciding on your method of invitation delivery, as social media platforms such as Facebook are not always appropriate for everyone, especially nana and pop.

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