Wedding Night Farewell

Today we are going to talk about the farewell at the end of your wedding.

The farewell at your reception, is what people remember because it’s the last thing that happens on your wedding day.

We tend to remember the last thing that happens at an event (depending I guess on how much you have had to drink!)

You can be traditional and have a farewell archway where everybody stands in a long line, making sure your parents and bridal party are right at the end near the car, so you say goodbye to them last. This is a quick way to exit your wedding in under five minutes.

You can have a big farewell circle where you go around one-by-one and give everyone a hug and a kiss.

A farewell circle can take up to half an hour to complete, so leave plenty of time for this at the end or your function venue may charge you extra.

You can have an announcement made that you’re leaving and literally run out the door without saying goodbye to anybody if you like.

Sparklers make for great photos as you are leaving, but it does take a little time to set it up as you may have 100 guests and that’s 100 sparklers to light at the same time.

Always buy the longest sparklers you can so they burn longer, and you’ll need to supply one lighter per 6 people so they can all light at the same time. Then they hold them up in the air.

You need to check with the venue as they may have restrictions with fire/smoke etc.

It’s also important that you collect all the sparklers once they have burned out as they are metal and sharp and are still hot after they burn out. The last thing you want is someone stepping on one and hurting themselves.

Bubbles are a simpler and safer option as long as all your guests get involved to create bubbles galore.

Bear in mind that if the floor is not carpet that when the bubbles burst on the floor, the floor may become slippery.

The farewell at a wedding does leave an impact, so have a think about what impression you want to leave for your guests as you run off to enjoy your wedding night and your honeymoon.

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