Your Honeymoon

Today we are going to talk about your honeymoon.

Traditionally, a couple jumped in the getaway car from the reception, drove to the airport, or to their honeymoon destination – and you didn’t see them until they returned.

Everyone would wave as the couple drove off into the distance, usually with a string of cans hanging behind the car dragging on the ground. It was so much fun and made for great photos – but be warned that it’s now illegal to tie such objects to the back of a car.

If you want this effect for your getaway (because it’s so great for photos), just drive up the driveway and detach them before you drive on the road.

These days with everyone’s crazy work lives and commitments and many couples have kids before marriage, it’s pretty impossible for couples to do that – and often the honeymoon is postponed until a later date.

Whether you drive away from the wedding, catch a plane the next day or go away the next week, two weeks or even six months later…whatever works with you for your honeymoon is all that matters.

It’s your time together and it’s very special. Do whatever suits you. Don’t worry what anyone says, because your honeymoon is a very special time getting to know each other as newlyweds.

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♡ ​Sue

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