Your Wedding Ceremony

Today we are going to talk about ceremony location, celebrants and priests.

If you’re going to get married in a church, it’s just a matter of finding the right church.

You need to find a priest that is suitable for your personalities and your faith, so choose carefully. Some priests are very serious and some are funny.

Consider the effect that you want with the church. Do you want old world charm with stained glass windows and sandstone, or do you want it to be modern with lots of windows and natural light?

It really will affect the vibe of your ceremony, so it’s important.

I shot a wedding once in Sydney and when I arrived the priest pointed to a spot at the back of the church and told me to “stand there and do not move”.

I was quite shocked as it meant my photographs were limited to one location and angle only – meaning there was a lot I could not capture. Talk to your priest about this before you book your church.

If you choose not to get married in a church, there are ‘some’ priests who will still marry you in a park or a garden.

If you prefer a marriage celebrant, it is crucial to find the right celebrant. There are so many to choose from, but many are new to the industry and lack experience.

Your celebrant sets the tone and the vibe of your ceremony, so don’t base this decision on the cheapest person.

Do you want a male or female? Older or younger? Funny or serious? Elegant or down to earth?

The more years of experience the celebrant has – simply means the safer the hands you are in. That’s the peace of mind you want on your wedding day.

If outdoors, the ceremony location needs careful thought. As soon as you plan an outdoor wedding – you must have a plan B in place, as you cannot control the weather.

Many couples get married at the reception venue, which is a great idea as everything is in one location and it’s easy for you and it’s easy for your guests.

You go to one location and you’re there from your ceremony right through to the end of the night.

Most outdoor areas require a council permit, so check with the local council to see if you need to purchase a permit and what the cost is.

Whether you are in a church, garden, a beach or at the reception venue itself, it’s up to you to create the type of feel and vibe that you want for your wedding day. So, make the decision that suits you both.

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