Hi, my name is Sue Taylor

I reside in the serene and picturesque Hunter Valley region of NSW, Australia, providing me with an inspiring backdrop for my art studio and gallery. Here, you’re welcome to visit and explore a collection of artworks available for purchase. Working primarily on canvas with acrylics, texture pastes, and inks, I craft each piece uniquely, catering to diverse tastes. Whether it’s contemporary, modern, classic, ethereal, bright and joyful, or dark and moody, my creations reflect the inspiration of the moment.

With a background spanning decades in studio, corporate, and wedding photography, transitioning to canvas art felt like a natural progression. I’m passionate about crafting beauty with my hands, and art is a natural extension of that passion.

Beyond art, I bring my expertise in skincare and beauty, emphasizing natural ingredients. Over the years, I’ve developed more than 75 skin, hair, and body care products, but today, I focus on one exceptional offering: a face oil like no other. Suitable for all skin types, it works wonders on dry, aging, and sun-damaged skin, boasting purity and efficacy.

My energy is boundless, as you’ll find me not only immersed in my art and beauty endeavors but also orchestrating weddings for brides at the exquisite venue, ‘Mystwood,’ nestled in Wollombi.

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