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Using pouring and blowing techniques

Painted on black canvas

Texturised with gold highlights

Subtle and monochrome

Add colour and joy to any space

Let your imagination run wild

Art with words

Perfect for those small spaces

Round Art Gallery

Circular pieces

If you’d like to acquire any artworks, I can ship them globally. Simply drop me an email at with the piece name and size, your postcode, and country, and I’ll provide you with the postage and handling costs. Art prices are negotiable.

For those interested in visiting my studio and gallery in Millfield, Hunter Valley NSW, please email or text me on O416 144 277 to check when I am open. I am very flexible with opening times.

Art commissions are available by arranging a consultation either in person or via FaceTime to discuss your preferences.

“All pieces of art are painted on stretched canvas using combinations of acrylic paints, inks, and texturizing pastes.”

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