Multiple Wedding Dresses

Today we are going to talk about having more than one wedding dress.

I’ve had brides that love a big full beautiful princess gown but also love a firmly fitted gown. Having two different dresses solves that problem.

Now it takes time to change dresses during the reception – and it’s going to pull you away from the party for about half an hour. But it can create an amazing impact when you walk back into the room wearing a different gown.

Back in the day when my mum was married, you never left a wedding in your wedding gown. You changed into what was called your ‘going away outfit’ just before you left the reception. There’s no reason why you still can’t do that these days to be a little different.

There’s something special about putting on your dream dress first thing in the morning and leaving it on all day until you take it off at the end of the night.

If you want two or three wedding dresses – by all means do what makes you feel happy.

Just know that there is little spare time left at a reception as it is – and you do need to allow at least 30 minutes per dress change, and a dress change will generally mean a change of underwear, shoes, jewellery and maybe even hair and makeup.

Understand that it will impact your day, impact your fun time dancing and enjoying time with your friends, because you’re spending so much time in another room changing.

Your wedding day is about what you both want to do, what makes you happy and what makes your hearts sing.

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♡ ​Sue

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