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Today we are going to talk about bride and groomzillas and anxiety.

I googled the word bridezilla in Wikipedia, and it said: ‘A colloquial term for a difficult bride.’ And the same goes for a groomzilla. There is never an excuse to be a bride or groomzilla.

Throwing tantrums and being abusive if things don’t go your way and becoming aggressive towards those you love as well as strangers – isn’t cool, and just because it’s your wedding day – theres no excuse.

I was told a story from a celebrant friend about a bride who was so out of control screaming and abusing everyone all day long including the groom, that on the way back to the hotel from the reception in a water taxi (as the wedding was held on a boat), the groom hurled his shiny new wedding ring into Sydney Harbour and got off the boat.

So, if you want to be a bride or groomzilla, think very carefully as you may end up with not only suppliers walking out of your wedding, but family members, friends and maybe even the bride or groom!

I would also like to talk about anxiety – as becoming a bride or groomzilla I believe is a result of extreme anxiety and stress not being dealt with in a healthy manner.

You may well get stressed and anxious on your wedding day – and things may go wrong. Accept it now and get over it. When does anything ever go perfectly in life? Why would you expect it to go without a hitch on your wedding day?

Stress is natural. Screaming, yelling and throwing a hissy fit, is not.

A simple solution to manage intense stress – is with your breathing. Place your hands on your tummy and close your eyes. Take in a deep breath and breathe into your tummy and not your lungs so you feel your hands rise with each breath. Count to ten for each breath and do this 5 or 10 times.

What you are doing – is filling your body with oxygen – taking a few minutes to clear your mind and to re-focus. You will open your eyes and feel calmer and more relaxed. Do this as often as you need.

Drinking alcohol early in the day may seem like a good idea to calm you down but it often ends up making things worse.

Rescue remedy sprays or drops are a natural way of assisting with stress and a good idea to have on hand.

If you are a control freak (like me), being a bride or groom is really challenging – because you want to control everything on the wedding day, but it’s just not possible.

Have a great team around you who are organised and supportive and who will micromanage the details of the day so you can relax and enjoy it.

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♡ ​Sue

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