Sparklers at your Reception

Sparklers look amazing for photos and video but just buying some sparklers and a few lighters will most certainly not ensure your sparkler vision will come true!

Firstly you cannot use those very small sparklers that burn for around 45 seconds.

You need to purchase the longest ones possible that burn for at least 3 minutes each.

You can buy them online or at places like spotlight.

Allow 1 per person with a few spares.

Forget about buying small lighters, you need to bring in the big guns to get anything from 20 up to 100 or more sparklers lit at the same time.

Go to Bunnings or buy online some butane gas bottles and a maybe 3 or 4 of the lighter heads. Usually the lighter head comes in a kit with a bottle and you can buy refill bottles cheap as chips.

Simply screw the head onto the can, turn the knob at the back and you have one super duper torch lighter that will light a sparkler in two seconds!

Whether you are having your sparklers for first dance or maybe as an exit tunnel at the end of the reception, you need to be organised and have a team of people to set it up.

  1. Ensure the song is not played for your sparkler part of the night until someone gives the word.

  2. Place sparklers in a metal tub and then hand them out to people clearly telling them NOT to light them until they are told.

  3. Once everyone has them in their hands, get maybe 6 or 8 guests in groups to cross over the ends of their sparklers together and appoint a few people with the torch guns to light them once the word is given.

  4. Tell everyone to hold them up in the air in position and cue the song to be played.

  5. Be sure your photographer and videographer are ready to capture this before you start.

  6. Tell anyone whose sparkler is not alight to light it off another lit sparkler, that works very well.

  7. Never EVER try to light 20 or more in a huge bunch or you will literally have them explode in your hand, very dangerous stuff!

  8. Have a team with a metal bucket each collecting the sparklers as soon as they are dead as they are very hot and very sharp and people tend to just throw them on the ground. The last thing you need is someone stepping on a hot sparkler or cutting themselves on the sharp ends.

SAFETY ALWAYS WHEN MESSING WITH SHARP, HOT OBJECTS particularly when they have had alcohol.

So go for it, it looks amazing, but you have to organise it ahead of time and appoint a team of responsibly people to make it work.

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♡ ​Sue

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