Wedding Day Flowers

Today we are going to talk about flowers.

I notice more often these days that flowers are artificial. If you decide to use artificial flowers, ensure they are excellent quality and made of silk.

You will find few guests will pick they aren’t real.

Preserved flowers are very on trend currently creating a bo-ho vintage feel.

Be sure the shape of the flowers suits the style of the dress and that they are comfortable for you to hold.

Fresh flowers should always be kept in a cool room such as a laundry before the wedding and keep them sprayed lightly with water.

About 10 minutes before you are ready to use them, wipe them off to ensure no water gets on the brides or bridesmaids dresses as water marks can be very obvious on dresses, especially light coloured ones.

If the flowers you love aren’t in season, talk to your florist about adding a few silk flowers in with your real flowers.

The colour of your bridal party flowers will really impact your photos. Red roses make a very bold statement in a photo whereas white or yellow flowers are softer and prettier.

Just know what impact you want to make and choose the colour accordingly.

At most weddings, the groomsmen, groom and the fathers and grandfathers, will wear a buttonhole flower.

The mothers and grandmothers will often wear a floral corsage either tied on their wrist or pinned on their dress or jacket.

If the fabric the corsage is being pinned to is very light and flimsy and the corsage is heavy, it will not sit right. If it’s a delicate dress, you will be left with two pinholes in it.

The best option for women is to wear a wrist corsage.

Flowers for the men are pinned on the left-hand side of the jacket lapel. Not pinned into the buttonhole on the jacket.

It’s just a matter of centering it on the lapel and ensuring the flower is facing upwards, not hanging upside down.

There’s three ways that you will receive your buttonhole flowers from your florist. One is with the traditional long pin.

Newer versions are a clip that is like a safety pin on the back. I find them ineffective because the pin is low down towards the flower stem and the weight of the flower on top makes it fall forward.

The third option is a magnetic clip. You have a magnet on the back of flower, and you place it on the lapel. There’s a second magnet that goes underneath the material.

My experience is that the suit jacket material is too thick, it doesn’t hold, and it falls off.

I recommend the good-old-fashioned way, which is the flower and a long strong pin.

Most weddings, the groom’s flower or one of the groomsmen’s, will break in half and often doesn’t even make it to the ceremony.

It only takes one person to give you a big hug and it crushes the flower, or it gets caught on something.

It’s essential that you have two spare buttonholes. Florists will usually recommend this, but many don’t, so ask them.

Have the spares with you on the day so that if one or two do break you have replacements.

Heres a great trick if the boys are wearing a hanky in their pocket, lay it flat on a table and pinch it with your finger and thumb right in the middle of the hanky.

Push that middle point down into the bottom of the pocket and just allow the hanky to spread out in a more natural form rather than a perfect triangle that constantly slips down the pocket and you can’t see it.

Flower girls can have baskets with petals that they throw or a basket of real or artificial flowers, that’s totally your choice.

I think it’s a nice idea to give them artificial flowers so they can keep them as a memento of being a flower girl when they were little.

Be aware that if you are having coloured petals, that in wet weather the colour can stain clothes and flooring so I would recommend only white or cream petals on a wet day.

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♡ ​Sue

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