Cake and some Alternatives

Today we are going to talk about cake.

I’ve seen just about every wedding cake from simple and home-made to decadent and five star. How much you choose to spend on your wedding cake is your choice.

There are so many different cake flavours – so if you can’t decide on just one, choose a different one for each tier of cake.

If you aren’t into sweet foods, try a cheesecake, which is all different types of cheese rounds formed to make the shape of a wedding cake.

But be careful using too many strong cheeses – as it can be a bit on the nose!

Want to get a little crazy? Go for a smash cake – I just love these. It’s a cake made from about 5mm thick chocolate and hollow in the centre. The centre is filled with chocolates and lollies a bit like a Mexican piñata.

A tablecloth is spread out around it and the couple have a hammer with a ribbon tied on it and on cue, they smash the cake and chunks of chocolate fly everywhere but is mostly caught in the tablecloth.

People come and help themselves to delicious chunks of chocolates and the sweets inside. The guests love it and it makes for great photos.

If you love donuts, stack them in a wedding cake shape or have a donut wall. You just need some peg board (the board with the little holes in it you get from the hardware store) and add some hooks that go with it and hang up the donuts.

Maybe you love cheesecake or pavlova?

It’s your day and it’s your cake so it’s your choice.

Traditionally, the top layer of a wedding cake is kept for the couple to take home with them and they will wrap it, freeze it and eat it on their first wedding anniversary. But this doesn’t happen much these days.

Maybe instead you’ll take it around to your family’s house the day after the wedding and eat it with tea or coffee and reminisce about the day.

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♡ ​Sue

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