Favourite Wedding Shoes

Those of you who know me or follow me may notice that I live in gum boots. Mostly because I live and work in the country but also because I don’t do high heels very well at all. I have so many fav shoes I’ve seen at weddings!

If you can rock a sexy high heel without breaking an ankle or looking like Bambi on ice, I say go you!

If you aren’t comfy in heels, go for a flat shoe.

The truth is the most wedding dresses completely cover your feet anyway so if it’s comfort you are after, go with comfort. I’ve seen some seriously cute converse type runners that have been personalised for the theme of the wedding or the style of the bride.

I love a cow girl boot especially if it has a message written on the bottom of the boot. I once shot a wedding where the bride did not know that the groom had written a love note on the bottom of her sexy red stilettos. Was very romantic!

I could never forget Sammi, my gothic bride in her ‘Herman Munster’ boots as I called them. They went so well with her black wedding dress and horns.

And then there was the motocross crazy couple who had some photos taken in their moto cross boots.

If you look at the photo you will see a babies face in her knees.

Superstition says if you can see a babies face in your knee you will have babies. I wonder if they did?

I guess my all time fav would have to be gum boots, but I mostly only see them on wet wedding days.

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♡ ​Sue

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