Let’s Chat about your Bridal Party

Today we are going to talk about your bridal party.

When it comes to selecting the people to be in your bridal party, it’s a difficult and important choice to make.

I often see brides with five, six, seven or even eight bridesmaids because they don’t want to offend anyone. You and your fiancé need to be happy and you can’t please everyone so don’t waste your time trying. The bigger the bridal party is, the more expensive it will be, the later you will run, and you will be faced with bigger problems than with a small bridal party.

There are many roles that you can give to close friends throughout the day that don’t necessarily mean they all have to be in the bridal party. If you have a great fun friend but they are unreliable, irresponsible and always late, they may not be the best person to have in your bridal party. The reason you have these people around you, is to support you in the lead up and to help you on the wedding day.

Close friendships are worth keeping, so be clear with what you need from your bridal party before you lock them in. If they are prepared to give you what you need and it’s a mutual agreement, everything is going to be fine. If they are not, don’t have them in the wedding party and you’ll still be friends after the wedding.

Groomsmen traditionally were there to ensure the groom made it home from the bucks night in one piece and made it to the church on time. There’s a bit more to it these days with support needed in many areas like choosing the suits and cars, organising a bucks night, being there to help the groom on the morning of the wedding and ensuring that he’s calm and supported.

I don’t advise that you select your bridal party until maybe 1 year or closer to the wedding day. So many couples choose their bridal party 2 years or more in advance only to have a fall out with some of them.

You’ll find pages in my book to write your bridesmaids & groomsmen’s details in the spaces provided.

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I can’t wait to hear from you.

♡ ​Sue

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