The modern day Bridal Shower

Today we are going to talk about bridal showers.

A bridal shower is a tradition that has been around for a long time, but it’s not so common these days. It can be a lot of fun and it’s a great excuse for the girls to get together. Whether it’s a naughty bridal shower, or a kitchen tea, it’s really up to you.

You can have a bathroom or kitchen bridal shower if you need things like towels and all sorts of bits and pieces. Whatever you need for your home, make it work for you. People are going to bring you a gift anyway, so it may as well be a gift that you really want.

Don’t be afraid to put on the shower invitation a list of the things that you are after, and a colour scheme. You won’t get what you want unless you ask for it and your friends are more than happy to make sure they buy you a present that you love.

A bridal shower is a fun night for all of the girls, whether it’s done on a weekend or one night after work during the week. You will all have a laugh, and quite often they will dress the bride in something silly and have a bit of fun with her.

It’s a great opportunity to enjoy the lead up to your wedding, so if you want to do it then go for it. Some brides choose this over a hen’s night but if you want to hold a shower and a hen’s night, it’s your wedding so do what makes you happy.

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